Friday, December 21, 2012

First Day of Winter!

It's been a long time since the official, annual calendar start of winter (Dec 21st) has arrived like this! It started snowing yesterday afternoon just after Papa left for work and hasn't stopped yet! He didn't make it home until almost 5 this morning :0

I was out in the quiet splendor of the storm several times, up til midnight last night, trying to keep a path open to the garage, wood shed/carport, Jenny's path around the house to the front porch & bird feeder.. and STILL couldn't keep up! Remember back in 3rd grade Mrs. Thompson's old snow storm adage: Little flakes Big snow? That's what I kept saying over and over while tossing shovel after shovel-full of the stuff!

The local weather station is reporting the I-5 north of Redding is closed & Papa said Burney has 30" of snow - we're almost that deep, too! This morning, at the Cal Trans yard, he had to shovel out a hole just to open his truck door in order to get in it to drive home! Check out the load of snow that had filled his truck bed overnight:

We've seen 2 vehicles stuck here by the house, including Peggie's 4-wheel SUV at the driveway gate (her 4-W lo isn't working). She borrowed a shovel and got going again before the county plow came by and buried us with a 3 foot berm. That means no mail delivery at the mailbox today! I can't possibly get it all dug out in time for the carrier.

So hey...can one of you kids catch a quick flight home & help me shovel?


  !Mele Kalikimaka - you lucky ducks!

{how do you like this year's wreath-making attempt?!}

! UPDATE ! Sunday December 23rd

Here's a video clip from the Intermountain News site of the streets in town. See Papa's truck at around 35 seconds in!

In other wild news we lost our little Ben Franklin store...Yep, the roof collapsed under the weight of the snow load :/

Store catastrophe!