Baker Haus 9 Herbs & Spices Oven-Fried Chicken

This mouth-watering, herb-a-licious, crispy coated chicken is my favorite non-messy way to make fried chicken. It's a result of combining three recipes; one for the awesome coating, one for the dipping, and another for the cooking. You melt margarine (butter may burn) & shortening in the baking pan in the preheating oven.

Work quickly enough to place the chicken in the pan just after the oils are melted, but before they get too hot & start smoking. You are using the preheated prepared pan and oven as a method of 'frying', so everything needs to be nice & hot so the oils don't just soak into the coating. You may find you want to prepare the chicken ahead of the melting time, letting it sit while the oven & pan are preheating, until you learn how quickly you can go through the steps..

The coating mix makes up a large batch that can be stored away in the cupboard for several meals worth. I only use between ½ and 1 cup of it each time, depending on how much chicken I'm making.

The dipping method is known as Maryland Fried Chicken and helps keep a beautiful & tasty crust on the meat. My preference is to use legs & thighs only. I also like to use them skinless to reduce the fat content & increase the healthiness of the meal..

I set up an assembly line to prepare the pieces prior to placing in oven, using bags & shallow bowls or pie plates for the flour, egg dip, coating, & drying plate. Save the inner liner from boxes of crackers & cold cereals to use as excellent shaking bags!

Served hot for dinner or cold for a picnic lunch this is 'Fried' Chicken at its best =)

9 Herbs & Spices Coating
 2 c flour
½ c cornmeal
   3 TB sea salt
   2 TB dry mustard
1-2 TB paprika
    1 TB celery salt or seasoned salt
½-1 TB black pepper
  1   tsp ground ginger
½-1 tsp garlic granules
   ½ tsp dried oregano
   ½ tsp dried thyme leaves (or to ¼ tsp ground)

Pre Coat
½ c flour

Egg Dip
1 egg
1 TB water

**1 broiler-fryer chicken, cut up, or legs & thighs (2½ to 3½ pounds)

Prepared Pan
13x9x2" baking pan
¼ c margarine
¼ c shortening (butter flavored shortening is good here)

-Combine coating ingredients in large container with lid. Shake well, set aside.
-Preheat oven 425º. Heat ¼ c margarine & ¼ c shortening in 13x9 pan in oven until melted.
-To pre-coat chicken place ½ c flour in paper or plastic bag, drop in pieces one or two at a time, & shake well to coat.
-In shallow bowl or pie pan beat egg well & blend in water.
-Dip floured pieces, one at a time, into egg mixture, then toss into another paper or plastic bag that has been prepared with 1 cup coating mix & shake to coat well.
-Remove to plate, tray, wax paper, or paper bag, etc, to dry & set coating while completing process with remaining pieces.
-When the pieces are ready, open oven & place them in the hot, prepared 13x9 pan.
-Cook, uncovered about 20 minutes. Turn chicken; cook uncovered about 20-25 minutes more til nice and golden brown & chicken is cooked through.

**NOTE: Depending on thickness of the pieces the breasts, wings, & legs will probably be done first. I usually remove them about 5 minutes before the thighs. The original recipe says do 30 minutes per side but I've found it over-browns the coating and dries out the meat**

**If you want to use breast or breast tenderloin strips exclusively, set oven to 400º and bake each side for 15 minutes each**

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