Light Strawberry Pie

How many summers have we been loving these strawberry pies?!

To be fully enjoyed this treat has to have plenty of whipped cream available.... it's just not the same without it! Long ago I wrote down 'whipped cream for garnish', but that's bogus. Each serving needs to be absolutely smothered in it.

Remember cousin Paco Bean's infamous statement upon returning home to his mom & Dad: 'At the Baker Haus they put whipped cream on EVERYTHING!'

Once when I went to make the pie I didn’t have a box of sugar-free vanilla pudding (not a staple in the pantry), so I created a substitute that works awesome; now if only I can invent a way do that with the gelatin part of the recipe (I'm workin' on it; I'm thinkin' plain gelatin & strawberry flavor liquid stevia. watch for an update)!

Sugar free pudding mix substitute:

  c Splenda
 3  T cornstarch
  tsp salt
  1 tsp vanilla

One last important note:
A purchased graham cracker crust will do but is inferior to a homemade one! I don't own or use the recipe's requested 8" size dish. That's just for the pre-made store-bought crust anyhow. I use my glass 9" pan ..which simply makes more room for that extra whipped cream ;) *or just add another 1/2 c of sliced berries to the 3 c at the start*

Here's my 'no-extra-added-sugar' recipe for the crust:

Graham Cracker Crust 
1¼ c cracker crumbs
  ¼ c Splenda
  c butter, melted
Mix crumbs, splenda, melted butter. Press firmly against bottom and sides of pie plate. Bake @ 350° for 10 min. Cool and fill.

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