Flax Seed Tortillas

Flax Seed Flour Tortillas              

3¾ c flour (unbleached white)
¼  c ground flax seed
2 tsp baking powder (non-aluminum preferably)
1 tsp sea salt
¼  c vegetable oil (I like canola)
1⅔ c HOT water (more or less depending on day ;)

-Combine dry ingredients, mixing well. 
-Cut in oil. 
-Add HOT water, to form a soft dough (not sticky/not dry). If too wet add a bit more flour. If too dry add a bit more water. You want it like a nice workable pie dough.
-Pinch off 18-24 balls–depending on how large you want the tortillas. 
-Put back in bowl and cover with a towel or plastic wrap (or plate, even!) 
-Roll out each ball (similar as for a pie crust, but nice and thin like a tortilla). If your dough is sticking you can use a wee bit of flour or oil the rolling surface, whichever works best for you. Like pie crust, rolling these out on a marble slab is the cat's meow, but a regular, solid surface counter top will do.
-Cook on a dry, medium hot non-stick griddle/skillet/or cast-iron pan. 
-Lightly brown and puff each side (takes just a second or two on the 2nd side). 
-Remove from skillet & stack on clean, dry plate covering with clean towel to keep warm & moist.
-Store tortillas in a plastic bag, sealed well. 

These freeze beautifully!

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