Mama's Granola

I've been making granola for literally decades in various delectable combinations of seeds, dried fruits, & grains; both sweetened & *plain (see end of post); with and without added flavors such as molasses, maple, and vanilla.

Here's the tried n true 'basic' recipe I developed years ago, based on my dear friend (& maid-of-honor!) Annie Alcedo/Greer's recipe. 

Be sure to give it a stir now and again while it's in the final cooling stage so it doesn't harden into a single, giant, bowl-shaped cookie!

Look it over, start making it the way you like it, then add your name in front of 'Granola'   :D

* To make it 'plain', no added sugars of any sort, just replace the honey with water. You'll need to bake it an extra 1/2 hour or more, stirring every 15 min, until the grain is golden and not wet at all. I use it this way, exclusively now, just adding a sprinkle of stevia powder when eating either with almond milk or mixed with plain/vanilla yoghurt and fresh blueberries.

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