Friday, January 20, 2012

At last

…at last. The snows and rain have come. The drought has finally been broken.

As much as I’ve been enjoying the sunshine it was a little strange not seeing any precipitation for months on end. And, with the new blanket of storm clouds, the nighttime temperatures have been able to climb out of the single digit range that makes this 113 year old house especially challenging to live in during the winter. last. The leaky old propane wall heater in the living room was replaced. And just days ahead of the weather front! Tuesday, the poor guys that installed it were out in frigid temperatures while doing the exterior wall work. They stayed past dinner time trying to beat the predicted storm. 

How nice it is to now be able to leave for the valley, as we did Wednesday, and be able to set the thermostat on the wall to supplement the wood stove and keep the living room/kitchen/dining areas above 40º! How incredible to not be breathing the noxious unburned fumes of liquid propane day and night. Bye bye half my migraines (I hope!). last. Guess who began working for the State today?

That’s right! Papa finally started with CalTrans early, early this morning. He met his trainer at 3:30 a.m. Next week he’ll be moved into the 3-11pm snow plowing shift.


Amazing relief to know he’s not out on those deadly semi-truck runs anymore. No more scary freezing nights chaining up and hazarding the dangers of unsafe hours, trucks and equipment, and employers who just don’t give a good gosh darn about the driver’s safety and working conditions. No more sketchy pay or 14 hour days, sometimes for just $50 bucks :/ In America? In the 21st century?! Inconceivable.

State and Federal regulations and OSHA? In many ways I can be a huge fan. Unions fighting for worker’s rights & a decent living wage? Oh ya. We’ve personally been too long under super-capitalism’s whips and chains. Free at last! Free at last! Good God Almighty we’re free at last!

..At Last. The skies above are bluer. And life is like a song.. 

(thank you Etta ;)


  1. I'm So So SOO happy this job finally came through!! Every time a see a snowplow I just start smiling :)

    1. Yep, I'm doing the same thing! and WHAT? you actually have seen a snowplow in Utah?! Didn't know they used them ;)