Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travel and Adventure

So last Wednesday the light is blinking on the phone message machine. I walk over to it, push the button and it's Ben. His usual calm, cool, collect, deep voice states:

"Hey. I'm not in California..."

..and then continues in a higher pitched wiggling-like-a-little-puppy-dog excited squeal:

"... I'M IN HAWAII !!"

Yep. Pretty darn cool. He'd driven down to Sacramento the day before, stayed overnight, & caught the morning flight out to the Islands for to see his baby sister (and Richard :). 

That night Abby called us on 'Skype' to fill us in on their fun day. Suddenly BEN sticks his face into the computer screen and, with a hand waving at Papa & I and a huge grin, says once again:

"I'm in Hawaii :)"

I respond in complete amazement, "..whaat? I thought you were upstairs in your room!" Though I was having fun teasing, it honestly was a bit odd seeing him in Abby's living room in that tropical setting that we're usually seeing Richard & Abby in..

Ben emailed pics, after vowing not to keep in touch, clarifying that 'Abby made me do it'. hehehe -good job, Abby. So ya, here's picture-proof the boy's there and having a great time :
First beach day catching some uv rays (ouch)

Kayak tour to the island & beaches in the background
In just another 3 hours he'll be at the Honolulu airport flying back to the mainland... just in time for Eli to show up this weekend (Eli's comin' hide yer heart girls), both of 'em moving back into their shared cabin, and starting back to work at Lassen.

Papa and I are planning a grocery shopping trip to stock the pantry before they arrive and the feeding frenzy begins ;)

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  1. I'm going to be singing that song all night lol!

    Here's the link to my write up on the adventures: