Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ben's Truck Goes Tropical

After quite a bit of research, phone calls, & emails on Abby, Ben's, and my part.. more emails, phone calls, and paper work between me & PASHA Hawaii Shipping Lines in Reno & Buxton's Transport service out of Sacramento.. cleaning out the bed & cab (must be totally empty to ship).. getting a friend to help remove the contractor's rack... well, finally, Ben's Tundra is off on a cruise to the Islands.

And I cried.

Why? Well, (and I believe it was Abby that said this back when my car was stolen in the city & burned to the ground 2 years ago), our cars are more than just vehicles. We save up and buy them outright & intend to keep them around (ok, maybe not Eli's old camry :D)

They become literal symbols & conveyances of freedom & independence. We embrace them as members of the family. They take on each owner's personality.. so, especially in the case of them belonging to you kids, when they no longer are in the driveway here at home, it's a tangible feeling of YOU being gone. And that makes me miss each of ya so much...

Consequently, this experience has a more permanent feeling than seeing Ben off at the airport last November...

... so, bye, bye (again) Ben *sniff sniff*

Papa helps hold traffic & back rig onto Highway
..and away it goes


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