Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break = More lambs + a schoolboy surprise!

Hip hip hooray, it's March 20th...the official start of Spring!

After the past wonderful weeks of sunny days I woke to an overcast sky and the scent of a warm spring rain that had come while we slept. When I opened the back door for Jenny I stepped out & took a deep breath of the most delicious, fresh, moist, clean, invigorating, put-a-smile-on-your-face country air.

Peeking around the still-bare lilac tree, and looking out towards the garden, I spotted the bright yellow of my first daffodils in full bloom. Three days ago Papa noticed them in bud and said, "Hey, look at your daffodils! they're gonna be opening soon...", and there they had gone & done it!

My desk calendar for today says 'Spring Begins' and boy howdy yessiree bub, it sure has! But I know it really came earlier on March 1st with that hike Peggie & I took and my first look-see at some of her lambs.

Since that last journal writing she took me out to Rising River to see her other flock of ewes & babies. The short drive out there was an absolute delight; good company, beautiful landscapes, & an early Spring sky that was constantly changing between shadow & dark in the East over the Rim as evening was coming on, to facing West where it was filled with puffy clouds, and light, and color worthy of a painting:

Unfortunately I didn't notice the electric line in my lens frame when I took that picture.. I was too entranced with the sky at the time :p

Heading down the dirt road, and before we reached the pasture with the sheep, we passed the chicken coop where I was completely caught off-guard by some of the exotics wandering around:

It's just not what you expect to see in your average chicken coop driving through the piney-woods :D

As soon as we get to the barns the sheep start gathering 'round the gate. They know what's comin' ... Peggie with the hay!

In the following pictures, I'll clue you in, there's more to see than ewes & lambs. There's also 'Babe'. It took me a couple times, while previewing my shots, before I realized that Babe was in so many of them. She blends right in...

Did you spot her in all 3 photos? She's a sweetie; lives day & night with her flock and watches over them loyally: 

And now for some live action shots (with improved video quality & size thanks to my techie trainer Abby =). 

Watch for the lambs jumping straight up into the air while cavorting about.. and watch for Babe frolicking with them all (disguised as one of the sheep again ;) near the beginning of the first video!

...just a few more still shots before moving this along to the next bit 'o Spring Break fun:

The day after this pleasant outing I get a phone call...

"Hi Mama! Guess where I am?" It's the middle-child on a quick Spring Break ski-trip to Tahoe. "..and hey, I want to come see you!"

I kick into cooking & cleaning mode anticipating Eli & lady-friend Brittney's arrival the next day. They did some snowboarding Saturday & spent time with Uncle Marc (but sadly, no Aunt Rebecky, who was away at a conference), then arrived in Hat Creek Sunday afternoon. 

After lunch we took a field trip out to Peggie's so the kids could see the babies. Brittney thought they were pretty cute...

...until Eli decided she needed to hold one :D

The lambs didn't mind her reaction at all and seemed pretty darned interested in more attention :)

New mama & baby with handsome papa ram on the right

Next came a walk across the road from the sheep barn to the pasture with more ewes, lambs, & the commercial trophy trout ponds:

Heading home from the ranch we stopped off at Frog Pond for a little hike.

"Look, I'm picking up litter. Aren't I such a good boy?"

For a contrasting view of this 'good boy' I want you to check out the side-ways glance Eli's giving Brittney in this very next photo. Can you see the beginnings of a mischievous plot brewing? Watch as his plan develops:

The boy just can't seem to help himself....

After our little adventures we went home for a supper with my version of this yummy Asian Chicken BBQ crock pot dish (*see below for my changes), steamed brown rice, a tasty vegetable stir-fry made by Papa, & coconut topped chocolate pudding. Before bed Eli & Brittney took Jenny for a walk down the road, ran into Peggie & Kay & had a nice little visit, then came back & watched some of the old home-videos of our adorable little kids while Eli uploaded them to his laptop. The kids showered & headed off to bed, planning an early start for their long drive back to college, while I decided to stay up & make some Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins to go with breakfast.

Their early start ended up being delayed; reason prevailed & they got more sleep instead. After breakfast I sent them back to University loaded up with extra Granola, the rest of the Blueberry Muffins, and a loaf of my sourdough Deli-style Rye Bread.

Before leaving Eli announced he was taking some of Ben's things from his room. I told him, "Hey now! this is just what you did when he moved to Montana for 2 years.. you went through his room & decided what he didn't need anymore!" 

"No, no, don't worry Mama. I already talked to Ben & he said I could take stuff."

I talked to Ben later in the week about this moment of déjà vu & the same Eli-ish activity back in 2006 when Ben'd left for Montana; how it reminded me of that part in Dicken's Christmas Carol where the scavengers are taking away Scrooge's belongings after his 'passing'.

Ben started laughing and, using this rejoinder from the tale, said:

"Yes, and '..his blankets are still warm!' "

Yep. That's our Eli-o... ever the opportunist :D

The End   =)

*My changes to the Asian Chicken BBQ dish: 

I cut the garlic down to one clove, used low-sodium soy sauce, cut oil to 1 TB (used olive, didn't have sesame), used raw sugar (not white), added ½ tsp red pepper flakes & thickened last 10 min with an arrowroot roux (2 TB arrowroot powder & just enough cold water to make a slurry). Served over brown rice w/chopped organic raw cashews. Dee-licious!

I don't do crock-pot dishes well, so this is a pretty big deal that I like it so much. Love that it makes enough for left overs for lunch the next day...


  1. That is one thing I do miss, Spring Flowers! ...Also raiding Ben's stuff. Hehehe
    I cannot get over how darned cute those little lambys are! The black and white and brown and white are my favorites! I think I may just have to have some sheep to go with my pigs and chickens when I grow up.
    I loved the surprise of the peacocks! That albino (leucistic?) one is breathtaking!
    I had to blow up the pics but I was able to find Babe in all of them, quite the camo. Such a good looking dog.
    I'm so glad you were able to get the videos to work! They add so much to the post, those frisky little scampering lambs. Peggie's comment about not being able to get an accurate count of them cracked me up.
    I'm glad it was such a fun trip for Eli and Britney. The hardest part of being in Hawaii is that there is no driving out for a quick visit to anyone. I wish I would have visited more before we took off, and I'm happy they are taking advantage of it :)

    1. Well shoot..if I get this job I'm gonna save up to fly you over here to give me a new perm (a working vacation for ya, lol). Until then, thank goodness for modern telecommunications & skype. For now, sure do miss you in person, though :/